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14th February 2012

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Mack Maine - “Daydreamin’ 1” (Mixtape, 2006/2012)

Last month Young Money herb jockey and habitual hashtagger Mack Maine floated his retrospective, Don’t Let It Go To Waste, to Twitter and nobody cared. Which was a justifiable oversight on the part of everyone, as there was a time when Maine was a genuinely promising rapper. A rapper’s rapper, even. In fact when he first came out he was billed as the “backpacker” of the Young Money camp. But then Baby was probably like “No whoadie” and made him start rhyming the same word with itself through autotune or whatever it is he was doing on all those records I didn’t listen to.

Fortunately much of this tape is culled from before that transition, the highlight being “Day Dreamin’” from the similarly underrated Young Money Lilweezyana Vol. 1. The Maine solo catches him going in on some post-Katrina shit over the Lupe track of the same name. It’s a pretty heavy record, especially when it hits the so cold bridge. Yes, Mack Maine, of all people, wrote one of the increasingly rare rap songs with a bridge. Not only that he sung it himself. “WHO KNEW THIS N***A COULD SING?!” is what the mixtape DJ would be saying at that very point if this weren’t awesomely a NODJ mixtape. Plus this version also adds a previously unreleased middle verse about pleasing flesh and needing teks.

The whole of Don’t Let It Go To Waste makes for a solid listen. The earlier tracks tend to be predictably more tolerable, with Mack wearing a Lox influence pretty heavily. More rappers need to drop NODJ retrospectives from time to time.

i dug the previously unreleased mack maine track w/ a solid hook from Lil Wayne.

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