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20th February 2014

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17th February 2014

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Who Is Lil Herb? Redefining Drill With Chicago's Toughest New Talent →

Read about the impressive musical heritage of Lil Herb’s family…and more.

17th February 2014

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14th February 2014

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Deep Cuts: Under-the-Radar Jams You Need To Hear →

Strong selection of tracks this week on #DeepCuts

12th February 2014

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Chicago Hip-Hop Before "The College Dropout" →

An essay on Chicago’s hip-hop scene from the time “The College Dropout” arrived. I spoke with producer Boogz—who worked, early on, with everyone from LEP to Lupe to Bump J to ‘Ye—and Mikkey Halsted.

10th February 2014

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silentgodz asked: am i the only one who likes new sosa?


I like the new Sosa.

If we’re talking “All I Care About”: Once again I think a lot of dudes shitting on this record are wholly unqualified to comment because they are likely listening on some earbuds or laptop speakers or whatever Dr. Dre sold them. They need to get a real system and let that cracked autotune fuzz of his voice melt itself inside the slap. Shit is psychedelic as fuck.

If we’re talking “War”: I mean Keef breaks out in a coughing fit in the middle of the hook! How is that not both a crazy innovation in the field of things rappers can do in the short distance between their mouth and the microphone and an exact realization of his never ever ever giving a fuck persona? Shit is punk as fuck.

There’s definitely that Lil B effect where it’s frustratingly obvious that all we’re ever going to get from dude are tossed off glimpses from his sketchbook, never a fully realized work of art. That’s unfortunate because he might could achieve something truly great if he were to dig his heels in and do some real work (cf. Flockaveli, “Sh!t”) but as long as he continues to care so much about not caring at all he’ll probably be worth paying attention to on the internet. 

Agree kinda although his one major label album is way more fully realized than a Lil B project from a commercial POV. In 2012, Keef’s sound was especially pop friendly in a way B never was—at least, as a solo artist.

7th February 2014

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Deep Cuts: Under-the-Radar Jams You Need To Hear →

6th February 2014

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Who Is Vic Mensa? →

Raw and honest interview from a really talented artist who is still incredibly undervalued. 

4th February 2014

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Ty Dolla $ign and the Art of Ignorance →

This was a year in production. Glad I could get it out.

31st January 2014

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This is cool for obvious reasons, but also totally dope to find out Max B was a Beatnuts fan.

This is cool for obvious reasons, but also totally dope to find out Max B was a Beatnuts fan.