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14th August 2014

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Heavy Rotation with David Drake | Nah Right →

Talked about the some of the records I keep in rotation these days, including a new steppers’ classic, a forgotten “for the ladies” record from the mid 90s, my favorite 2014 Nigerian jam, and new Chief Keef.

8th August 2014

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King Louie: Tony →

King Louie’s “Tony” is hella dope

3rd August 2014

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Atlanta hearts “Rude”

Atlanta hearts “Rude”

1st August 2014

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Say Yes: How a Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly Gospel Record Points to Pop Music’s Nigerian Future →

The most exciting music scene on the planet right now.

29th July 2014

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27th July 2014

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16th July 2014

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BeatKing: Gangsta Stripper Music 2 →

Great tape by BeatKing, a good time, put the kids to bed before you listen. then soundproof their rooms.

26th June 2014

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Sosa’s 2014 > > > Sosa’s 2013

16th May 2014

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only white people have gluten allergies? #wtf



only white people have gluten allergies? #wtf

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6th May 2014

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Introduction to Kevin Gates →


I keep hearing rap fans out bemoaning the death of lyricism in modern hip-hop and pine for the death of trap, and I keep telling them there’s guys out there fighting the good fight, but no one listens. Kevin Gates is one of the best songwriters working in the genre right now, but cats who aren’t familiar play him off like he’s Just Another Drug Dealer Airhead. On Twitter today I said you could probably cobble together a mix of songs off the last 3 Gates tapes that would blow half the last 2 years of mainstream rap albums outta the water. Here it is.

If you’re one of those types who can’t figure out why the rest of us have been gassing Gates’ music for the last year, I want you to listen to this shit. And I don’t mean scan for flows without considering what the words mean or skim through trying to Locate The Single like we’re schmaltzing over business cards and open bars at somebody’s “listening event” (although if you were to do the latter, you’d probably hear four or five). Dude is a monster, and I need rap fans supposedly committed to championing talented lyricists to wake the fuck up. Gates is on that XXL Freshmen cover for a reason. Thanks.

Further reading:

My review of Gates’ Luca Brasi Story

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What Craig says is true. He’s one of the genre’s most talented artists, and writes smart, crafted rap songs. He’s been doing it. And to bogart Craig’s post, here’s something I wrote about his latest tape earlier this year.