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31st August 2014

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White Gzus (Gzus Piece x Blanco Caine) “Money Up” (2014)

28th August 2014

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27th August 2014

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Ace B8gie “Bird’s Eye View” (prod. by Bobby Johnson, from The B8gie Foo Blues2014)

24th August 2014

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KD Young Cocky “Young N****” (2014)

24th August 2014

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24th August 2014

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Lauryn Hill: "Black Rage (Sketch)" →

Obviously, Lauryn Hill’s “Black Rage” is great. I tried to investigate why it resonates so effectively in these times, even though it isn’t explicitly about Ferguson.

24th August 2014

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Great record that was slept on this summer.

20th August 2014

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My Decade in Music So Far: David Drake →

In case you have better things to do in your life than read Twitter, and that somehow actually keeps you from reading Twitter, so you missed when I tweeted this—my ballots for Pitchfork’s mid-decade polls. 20 tracks and 20 albums from 2010-2014

14th August 2014

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Heavy Rotation with David Drake | Nah Right →

Talked about the some of the records I keep in rotation these days, including a new steppers’ classic, a forgotten “for the ladies” record from the mid 90s, my favorite 2014 Nigerian jam, and new Chief Keef.

8th August 2014

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King Louie: Tony →

King Louie’s “Tony” is hella dope